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Fièrement Rhodanien | Domaine Pierre Teissonnière

Proudly Rhône

« Our terroir is the result of a long evolution that has transformed a banal land into exceptional terroir ».

Domaine Pierre Teissonnière sits in the heart of the Costières de Nîmes appellation.

The diverse subsoils and soils, consisting of rolled pebbles, silt, and cailloutis, are distinctive of the AOP Costières de Nîmes's terroir, which gives complexity, balance, and freshness to the wines.

The extraordinary soil configuration allows the deep roots to seek moisture in the clay subsoil.

This combined with the refreshing summer sea breezes of the south, allows the vineyard to be perfectly adapted to the climate to offer consistent quality. The vines that grow in these stony soils produce high quality grapes with intense flavors.

« The winemakers, respectful of this history, have been able to adapt their grape varieties to all facets of these terroirs in order to produce a quintessential wine. »